The Fruit Tree
Plantation Drive

A sustenance Movement
by Mohanji

Fruit tree plantation is not just an act of kindness, it is a social responsibility. This is giving the fruits of kindness to the coming generations beyond species. Fill the forests with fruit trees. Plant more fruit trees in and around your city. It brings sweet grace to our lives beyond time

About Us

Mohanji describes himself as a friend of the world, as a person trying to raise the awareness of generations from selfishness to selflessness.He emphasises a lifestyle of purity, non-violence, unconditional love and selfless service towards fellow beings across all species.
Mohanji has initiated a sustenance movement through Fruit Tree Plantation Drive that will have a positive impact on our environment and all beings.
In addition to providing shelter and green cover to Mother Earth, Fruit bearing trees also provide food to humans, animals, birds etc. and continue to serve generations.
Guided and inspired by Mohanji, Ammucare Charitable Trust (India). Mohanji Foundations (Global), ACT Foundations (Global) and Act4Hunger (Global) are dedicated towards implementation of this initiative in various countries all over the world.

Our Impact

Achieved : 91396
Target: 100,000

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Our Principles


Plantation of 100,000 fruit-bearing trees across India in 2021


Replantation for plants that don't survive


Select Fruit trees as per the location, climate & soil condition and trees with longevity to last for generations.


Collaboration with communities, government/ semi-government organizations or institutions for plantatio


Plant maintenance for 3-4 years from plantation stage


Choose plants from the preferred list - category 1, combine some plants from category 2 and where even needed include from Category 3.


Category 1

Preferred List of Fruit Trees to be planted

Category 2

Trees can be planted in fewer quantities

Impact On The Environment

The fruit plantation drive adds immense value to our environment and all beings, ensuring an abundance of food for future generations.
Fruit trees planted in the forests will provide enough food for the beings of the forest. This will prevent them from coming out of their habitat in search of food and risking danger to their lives.

Our Economic Benefits

Truly a Sustenance Movement, through this drive, we see a positive impact in the local area & community:

Community feeling & option for additional income

The fruit trees will be the property of the community, and that means any income that can be generated from the fruits

Benefits to nurseries supplying the saplings

Cost Factor


Preparation before the plantation


Tree guards for protection


Good quality saplings


Good quality saplings


Maintenance after plantation


Miscellaneous cost on the day of event

Based on all the above factors, the cost may vary in different areas, in different countries.
For India, the approximate cost for each tree plantation is at least Rs 300 including transportation, labor, manure, etc.

Implementation through collaboration

For India:

A/c name: Ammucare Charitable Trust
AC / no: 00000010620047858
Bank: State Bank of India
State: Palakkad
IFSC Code: SBIN0012886

For UK:

For USA:

For Serbia:

Addiko Bank

For Canada:

For Croatia:

ACT Hrvatska
IBAN: HR9723400091110994191 Put firula 47,
Split, Croatia

For South Africa:

Truly a Sustenance Movement, through this drive, we see a positive impact in the local area & community:

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